Vitrified Tiles vs Marble Flooring

Key Difference between Vitrified Tiles and Marble Flooring:

Vitrified Tiles Vs Marble Flooring: Vitrified tiles refer as a tiles that are prepared by the artificial process of vitrification. In this process, high temperatures used for boiling the tiles. They are made from the blend of silica and clay. Vitrified tiles are having high strength and low porousness.

While Marble flooring is usually provided in places of worship and also in public buildings having rich specifications. In view of high cost of material, use of marble flooring in residential buildings in normally limited to areas such as kitchen, bath room, entrance.

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Vitrified tiles belong to the category of artificial products. As it needs use of various techniques and processes, Vitrified tiles are also called as artificial or man-made.

The size of marble blocks to be used in marble flooring depends upon the pattern to be- adopted. The marble flooring is laid on ready sub-grade of concrete or on the R.C.C. floor block.

Vitrified tiles are made from the mixture of silica and clay. The mixture of silica and clay is then generally pressed in order to get the structure of tiles. Once the structure of the tiles is obtained, then these tiles are fired at a very high temperature.


Vitrified Tiles vs Marble Flooring:

Vitrified Tiles
Marble Flooring
Product Man-made Natural
Pricing Range $15 to $40 $7 to $50
Characteristics High resistance to stains, low water absorption rate


Low resistance to stains, high water absorption rate


Maintenance Easy maintenance, hard and difficult to scratch, cleaned by using any tile cleaner and method Comparatively difficult maintenance, mild detergents are used for cleaning

These high temperatures are in charge for making these vitrified tiles non porous. Therefore, vitrified tiles are very strong and also durable. The water absorption of fully vitrified tile is up to 0.5 percent of its weight.

In marble flooring the marble block is laying on top of the bedding mortar, pressed and tapped with wooden mallet and carried to the level with the already laid adjoining slabs. Then worker lifts up and place aside the marble block.

Then worker modifies the top surface of the bedding mortar with adding mortar at hollows. After the bedding mortar is hardened slightly, cement slurry is spread over the same at the rate of 4.4 kg of cement per square meter.

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