Types of Wall Tiles

Various trendy different types of wall tiles are perfect for updating the interior spaces. It make your kitchen, bathroom or living room appearance attractive. Wall tiles can be used on the walls of many other rooms as accents. They are available in many different colors, and designs.

Wall tiles vary in their different type and cost. However the most popular varieties of wall tiles are ceramic and porcelain. Here is list of different types of wall tiles.

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Types of Wall Tiles:

Glazed ceramic:

Glazed Ceramic wall tiles available in almost all colors possible and also in many patterns and designs. These types of wall tiles are typically waterproof, and can be used in wet areas such as showers, bathrooms, kitchens and any other area, where you think water can seep in.

These wall tiles are made from clay and glazed. The amount of gloss distinguishes the high-gloss, matte glazed and slip resistant glazed tiles.


Mosaic wall tile is also prepared from clay. Each tile has different kinds of color, and the appearance of tile is quite vibrant. It can be used on walls. You can also use mosaic wall tiles to covers the borders of the walls or wainscoting.


Marble wall tiles are durable and provide an artistic and aesthetic look to the interiors. With good maintenance, they can stay for many years. There are many different colors available in this stone, and the most popular one being the white and green.


Glass wall tiles are one of the most contemporary wall tiles. This type of wall tiles provide a lot of sparkle to any space. They light up the interiors and make the room look bigger. Glass wall tiles are available in frosted and bubble glass varieties.

Frosted glass tiles are solid and it provide a flat surface to the wall. And the bubble glass variety has small air bubbles inside it, which adds a design element and character to the external look.


This type of wall tiles are made of artificial element sand available in all different shapes, sizes, designs and colors. It is quite inexpensive. It is easy to maintain.

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