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Polyblend 10.5 fl. oz. Non-Sanded Ceramic Tile Caulk Polyblend 10.5 fl. oz. Non-sanded ceramic tile caulk features a siliconized latex-based formula for caulking around sinks tubs and showers and where tile meets tile or another surface. Also adheres bath fixtures and loose tiles. formula offers great durability and bond strengths.

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Applying a mud base and installing tile flooring is a labor intensive, messy job that can be tough on your knees and back. It takes good deal of patience and a sharp eye if you want to end up with professional results. However, there’s no need to panic about the cost of hiring a contractor. With a …

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“Mud-Set” or “Mud-Bed” are terms used for a 3/4″ Portland cement and mason sand sub-surface for ceramic, porcelain & natural stone residential tile flooring. “Mud-Setting” the floor to accept tile is the ideal substrate: to provide a sound, flat and level floor, to provide a water-resistant base, and to add structural stability to …

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