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Looking for Computer Floor Tiles, Computer Raised Floor or Data Center Floor Tiles? Raised floor systems and replacement floor panels for computer rooms.

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Click for Details and Specifications on our Concrete Raised Access Floor systems. hollow steel computer flooring. hollow steel computer flooring systems are epoxy coated hollow steel construction delivering strength and durability with the convenience of lightweight construction.

The raised floor system you want is at your fingertips. Our kits include everything you need for … Raised floor kits. concrete; steel; Woodcore; Aluminum; Bare …

About. For over 35 years, Access Floor Systems has been providing durable, cost-effective and energy-efficient raised floor systems. read More

With Tate's access floors and underfloor service distribution system, you have the … advantages associated with a flexible and adaptive raised access floor.

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A raised floor provides an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate (often a concrete …. Regular inspections for the structural integrity of a raised floor system can help to identify and mitigate problems. Equipment and floor damage can …

Raised Access Floor/False Flooring/Raised Floor-All Information Raised floor systems, also known as access floors, are an elevated structural floor that is stabilized over a solid substrate, typically a concrete slab. A raised floor …

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Raised access flooring provides the flexibility you need to transform your space, minimize costs, and get back to business. And, it allows for more programmability. Access to air, power, voice, and data under the floor lets you reconfigure your layout with minimal downtime as your workspace needs change.

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