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  1. Latex-modified thinset? thinset cement
  2. Tile … common thin-set mortar
  3. Medium-bed mortar. tile installers create
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stone installations for many years now, a thin-set mortar bed is just 3/32" to 3/16" thick and as we get beyond the 12" x 12" format, sub-floors need to be absolutely flat for standard thin-set mortars to be used on these large tiles.

Choosing the Right Mortar for Tile Setting In many mortar bed installations, the mortar bed will be allowed to cure and then polymer-modified thinset will be used to bond the tile. What is latex-modified thinset? thinset cement, to which polymers have been added, is commonly called latex-Portland cement mortar.

One of the most significant advancements is the use of medium bed mortars, … stone installations for many years now, a thin-set mortar bed is just 3/32" to.

It’s a medium bed (LHT is the term nowadays) unmodified mortar. Large tile mortar can be used for large and small tiles. It would be the safest and by-the-book choice.

It is recommended to use a medium-bed mortar when installing large format tile … common thin-set mortar it can leave an uneven surface from tile to tile known …

Mortar beds and thinset are both used for laying tiles and bonding them to the subfloor. These products feature a slightly different consistency, resulting in …

medium-bed mortar. tile installers create a medium bed of mortar by blending water, cement, coarse sand and other aggregate, then applying it to the subfloor in a layer measuring 1/2 inch or greater.

Oct 10, 2011  · Re: medium bed vs versabond mortar If the floor is not flat to 1/8" in 10 feet, I would use a med bed mortar and not a regular thinset. I’ll guess it’s not that flat unless something has been done to make it so, i.e. self-level, mud bed.

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