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Types of Floor Tiles

Types of Floor Tiles : Home Office Building Flooring

Tile is a very important part in decorating any space either it is home or office or anything else. There are many different materials for Tile like Ceramic, Porcelain, Natural Stone. ThereRead More…

Floor Tiles Prices

Floor Tiles Prices in India: Average and Installation Cost Details

Flooring – a surface of your room, where you spent most of the time. Flooring often undergoes different stress like wear-n-tear, graze, furniture loads, aggressive chemical cleaning, etc. The selection of flooringRead More…

Floor tiles

Floor Tiles : Best Materials Used for Manufacturing

Floor tiles are typically fixed into mortar consisting of sand, cement and often a latex additive for extra adhesion. The spaces between the tiles are now a days filled with sanded or unsandedRead More…