Floor tiles are typically fixed into mortar consisting of sand, cement and often a latex additive for extra adhesion. The spaces between the tiles are now a days filled with sanded or unsanded floor grout, but usually mortar was used.

Floor tiles can make floor of your home beautiful. They may be purchased at the Faktori in Aekea or found in floating gold or wooden trunks. It work only on the floor of your home but it will definitely make your home complete.

Floor tiles

We offer a wide range of ceramic floor tiles for our valued customers. We also offer the ceramic floor tiles in a broad range of designs and colours to give your home a luxurious and attractive look.

The size of tiles range from large format to small mosaic, and it come in just about every possible shape.

Our company offers you a broad array of floor tiles to give your home interiors anesthetic look and a neat finish.

The combinations of colors, styles, and shapes for wall floor tiles are endless. There is a design perfect for every traditional, current, and modern style-loving person out there.

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So Here is a list of some common floor tile materials.

Best Materials used for Floor Tiles:




Granite, Marble, Slate and other Natural Stone

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Glazed Vitrified floor tiles

Floor tiles price in India

Kitchen floor tiles

Our company takes pride in the quality of its products, and floor tiles is an area where we are second to none. Of Course, Our product materials are unique in India, as we have wide variety of materials. And if it is quality & class you are after, you need to look no further.

So as you know, No extreme home is complete without a amazing floor. Whether it be shiny white, deep black, or any other shade. We offer the best floor tiles in a broad variety of materials and sizes, to ensure that you can build your dream home with no compromise.

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