We are a premium standard tile manufacturer with production plants in India, Australia and China.

Though we had a humble beginning, our aspirations were always grand. An ISO 9001: 2000 certified corporation, our manufacturing facilities today manufacture around 50,000 sq. meters per day of Wall, Floor, Porcelain and Vitrified tiles.

Our progressive march is studded with countless industry firsts. Being a company that manufactures tiles in every size ranging from smallest, i.e. 200 x 200 mm to the biggest, i.e. 1800 x 1200 mm (6′ x 4′ ft.) not only displays our production excellence but also earns us the distinction of being the first Global Company to manufacture vitrified slabs of such proportions.  These slabs are also the largest in the world used for varied internal and external applications, earning us global recognition.

With a view to take our range of products to distant corners of the globe, we have carved out a strong network around the globe. With more progressive strides, we are transforming spaces with our masterpieces. With a high standard in safety, all our workers adhere to stringent health and safety standards and recommend that all tilers wear full safety gear like hearing protection, helmets and knee pads during the installation of our ceramic and porcelain tiles.