Top 10 Vitrified Tiles Manufacturers in India

Top 10 Vitrified Tiles Manufacturers in India: Best Tiles Companies

Vitrified tiles are the best technique to Decoration & make beautiful interior of your house. There are so many vitrified tiles companies in India, which are accomplishing the requirement of one ofRead More…

Vitrified Tiles vs Marble Flooring

Vitrified Tiles Vs Marble Flooring: Comparison Between Best Flooring

Key Difference between Vitrified Tiles and Marble Flooring: Vitrified Tiles Vs Marble Flooring: Vitrified tiles refer as a tiles that are prepared by the artificial process of vitrification. In this process, highRead More…

Types of Wall Tiles

Different Types of Wall Tiles to Enhance Your Home Appearance

Various trendy different types of wall tiles are perfect for updating the interior spaces. It make your kitchen, bathroom or living room appearance attractive. Wall tiles can be used on the wallsRead More…

Vitrified Tiles vs Ceramic Tiles

Vitrified Tiles vs Ceramic Tiles: Key Difference between Ceramic and Vitrified Tiles

Key Difference between Ceramic and Vitrified Tiles: Vitrified Tiles vs Ceramic Tiles: Vitrified tiles are made from a combination of clay and elements such as silica, quart and feldspar. While Ceramic tiles areRead More…

Porcelain Tiles for Sale

Porcelain Tiles for Sale: Best Low Price Tiles Available here

Porcelain tiles for sale: Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles that are usually used to cover floors and walls, with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent. It can either be glazedRead More…

Porcelain Tiles Prices

Porcelain Tiles Prices in India By Best Low Price Ties Online

Porcelain tile is a highly desirable material that will smoothly inject a touch of class into any home. A man-made material for porcelain tiles is renowned for its strength and durability. PorcelainRead More…

Wall Tiles for Bedroom

Wall Tiles for Bedroom in India: Design Ideas

Bedroom is one of the most important area of your house. In modern wall decoration, people are paying more and more attention to their bedroom, to make it comfortable and luxurious, andRead More…

Modern Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom Wall Tiles: Top 10 Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

The right bathroom wall tiles can make all the difference in your bathroom and it also help you to achieve the look that you desire. We have a wide range of bathroomRead More…

Cleaning Porcelain Tiles

Cleaning Porcelain Tiles: How to Clean Polished Porcelain Tile

Different types of porcelain tiles require to be cleaned in many different ways. Here is list of tip that will help you to cleaning porcelain tiles of your home. How to CleanRead More…

Difference between Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

What is a Difference between Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

There are basic difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles that cause lots of confusion! But don’t worry, here are few differences between ceramic and porcelain tiles that are simplified. Ceramic Tiles: CeramicRead More…